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At Technique our philosophy is to form a "Partnership for Success" between your practice and our lab.

I would like to take a moment to tell you a little about myself and Technique Crown & Bridge Inc. Early in my career as a dental technician I had the opportunity of forming and operating an in-house laboratory for a private practice. Part of my responsibilities were to see each patient, select the shade and then custom stain each restoration chairside after fabricating the case. Interacting with patients on a daily basis was a tremendous learning experience and a very rewarding time in my career.
When I first opened my own laboratory, I rented space in a multi-doctor office where I continued to have daily contact with patients. Until this day I have been fortunate to work with many talented dentists who have given me the opportunity to consult with them and their patients chairside. I feel this gives me a special insight to the challenges you face in your day to day practice.
Over the years we have transformed our laboratory into what it is today, a small laboratory providing consistent, dependable service and outstanding restorations to discriminating dentists. It is my perspective that we, your practice and Technique, are a team delivering a service to the patients. As such, our longstanding staff works hard to create a “Partnership For Success” with your office.
To us continuing education is invaluable. Not only do we participate in hands-on clinics by Master Dental Technicians like Klaus Muterthies, Peter Pizzi and Axel Seegers, we invest the time to learn advanced techniques from some of the leading clinicians as well. We have participated in seminars such as Dr. Frank Spear’s “Facially Generated Treatment Planning”, Dr. Bill Strupp’s “Complex Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry” and “All Ceramic Molar to Molar” presentations, Dr. Aldo Leopardi’s Implant Residency as well as others. Attending courses like these with fellow professionals such as yourself to learn the same protocols and techniques as you do puts us on the same page, eliminating the communication gap when you are trying to relay this new knowledge to your laboratory.
Technique is a Certified Dental Laboratory, I am Certified Dental Technician and a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. We take pride in helping our clients transform the smiles and lives of their patients and we would appreciate the opportunity to form a “Partnership for Success” with you.

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